Nisarg Jhaveri Another one who thinks he can code!

Hello, I am Nisarg Jhaveri.

I am currently (in 2015, in case I stop maintaining this page in future!) an undergraduate research student of Computer Science and Engineering at IIIT-H (International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad). I completed my entire schooling at Pravrutti Vidyalaya Jeevan Bharti, Surat. Also, I spent my entire childhood in Surat, a city in southern Gujarat, India. Gujarati is my mother tongue. I also speak English and Hindi. I was born in December, 1995.

My journey with the computers

I like computers a lot! The journey began years ago, when I was really young. I don't even remember when was the first time I used a computer. But I could make some decent animations (for an 8 year old) in Macromedia Flash (I don't know which version I used to use) in 2003. I still have some animation files from 2003. Before that I used CorelDRAW to draw things (I found out a lot later what its actual use was!). I lost all the files long ago, but I still remember some of the drawings! And this thing goes on... I tried my hand at all the programs installed on the computer, sometimes resulting in a crash or the blue screen of death!

Then comes Microsoft FrontPage! I always wanted to make a website, but didn't have any idea about code or anything! I started playing with that software. Around that time one of my elder cousins randomly showed me the HTML editor in FrontPage and showed me how to set the title of the page with some odd pair of tags. And everything changed! It was around the time when I was 12 or something.

Now I had a whole new world to explore. I started exploring HTML. That lead me to CSS and JavaScript. I also tried my hands at ASP. Around that time, I somehow switched to Linux. It was the summer of 2010, when I started using Ubuntu 10.04. As a result I also switched to PHP. Ever since then, Ubuntu has been my OS of choice.

In the next 2 years I used and learnt a lot of web technologies. I also tried my hands at Linux Shell Scripting. They also taught me HTML, JavaScript, C, ActionScript at school (It was a different story that they were a little late to teach me most of these. :P). But this sequence of events made it clear to me that I actually liked programming and wanted to do this for a long time.

After 12th, I took admission in IIIT-H. I got to know a whole new world of Open Source programming and community really closely. I started involving myself with Free and Open Source Software development and it is really fun! The whole idea is just fascinating! By now I had also added some more programming languages and technologies to my skillset.

By now, I am pretty confident about my programming/scripting skills. My mind is starting to divert from learning new languages and technologies to solving some real world problems! Before this, I have done this a few times, but the goal was always to learn something. Now, maybe as the result of me being a research student, the goal is changing to discover things or make new things! Let's see where it goes! :D

Me outside computers

Other than computers, I like spending some time with nature. It is a coincidence that my name 'Nisarg' in many Indian languages means 'Nature'! I have experienced a number of tours across India with my parents. Also, several trekking trips to Himalayas. I have always enjoyed this. I also like to swim.

I also like reading good stories or novels. I generally read Gujarati novels.

I like watching movies, too. I also enjoy live performances like some nice music or theater arts.

I also enjoy family or other gatherings. I can't mix-up easily with new people and talk to them that easily. But I still enjoy meeting a bunch of new people, unless they force me to speak! Interestingly, if these new people are talking about something of my interest like programming (Sorry, I was not talking about computers here! :P), then I have lesser problem mixing up with them! :P