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GSoC 2015 wrap up

#phpMyAdmin, #gsoc15

Last week, the final wrap up week of GSoC, I fixed #11407 - ALTER TABLE failing on import when table exists. It was merged after the firm pencil down date, so probably will not be counted as part of GSoC work.

Also, with this, the journey of GSoC 2015 concludes. It was a pretty productive summer, enjoyed a lot! :D

I didn't do anything that I had never done before or was completely new, but still it was a nice fun learning experience.

Some of the important things to take away from this experience,

  • Proper testing is must.
  • Need of better estimation of time needed to do any task.

At the end, Thanks Marc and phpMyAdmin. It was nice working with you. I hope I'll continue working with phpMyAdmin. :)

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