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GSoC Week 1: Page-related settings

#phpMyAdmin, #gsoc15

Key accomplishments last week

  • Made a prototype of page-related settings
  • Added page-related settings in some common pages

Tasks in the upcoming week

  • Finalize page-related settings for global configuration options
  • Add page settings in some more pages
  • Write tests

Am I on schedule?

Actually, I think I am slightly ahead of schedule. Implementation of page-related settings back-end was scheduled on week-2. But it is already half-done along with the UI.

Possible change of plans

Seems like local configuration options are not needed and should not be added to page-related settings (discussion is still open on phpmyadmin-devel mailing list).

If this happens, it will reduce some work for me which I calculated while writing the proposal. I will talk to Mark about this.

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