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GSoC Week 11: A new experience

#phpMyAdmin, #gsoc15

I couldn't do any major or notable fix or feature implementation this week. Though I was around and looking at some issues.

A new experience

This week an interesting event for me happened regarding PMA. A minor fix release was done this week on 7th Aug, containing the fix I did last week for issue #11339. It turned out that the fix introduced a major bug in SQL import (see, #11368). And because of that bug a hot fix release with 4th digit in its version number, just reverting my fix for the previous bug! So, in a way, I broke a phpMyAdmin release so badly that it had to roll out a version fixing it in just a day after a fix release!

I don't know how to feel about this. It is sad. it is also interesting if you think about it! But it surely tells that probably I need better testing or prediction of possible things that can be affected by some change in code somewhere. Especially with such a large codebase.

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